Comm Recap (August 2022, Week 1-2) - Live Quiz on Discord, Meetups and More!

August 24, 2022

Hello, TimeShufflers! The first two weeks of August were full of live events with amazing participation. We joined several Twitter Spaces with great listener turnout and constructive questions and comments.


We organized a live Quiz, on our Discord, testing our community on their knowledge of our whitepaper and gameplay, and rewarded 5 community members, one for each day, with 100 $TIMS tokens in total (20 $TIMS for each winner).

Our Founders Pass sale is still open to the public, so anyone can have a chance for an early stake in the game and many perks for a lifetime of participation in TimeShuffle. Owners of the Founders Pass will receive a one-time-only limited skin NFT that will never be minted again. 

And to prepare for the exciting weeks ahead here is a wrapup of our latest activities: 


Gamefi Degens Talk EP 14 with ODB our Social Media Head. We discussed why Web3 gaming is trending, what are the advantages and challenges of decentralization and ownership and games, and much more. We got 128 participants in the room and talked gamefi for two hours straight! The recording is available here.

Kingdom Quest - We were invited for a community talk with Metaderby Twitter followers. We fielded 150+ questions with a turnout of more than 1,000 participants. We discussed our pre-alpha tournaments, new game skills and the Founders Pass rewards.

Vrumble - We discussed the Founder Pass reward, off-chain game items, and on-chain token-based perks. The recording is available here.

Funnelheads - We talked about NFT and GameFI, discussed our Sneak Peek Tournament from August 18th, and the new skills for selected TimeShuffle Heroes. The recording is available here.

Bitmetis - We covered in-depth topics such as  "Is GameFi Essentially Just NFT Projects In Disguise?! and also "Building in #bearmarket? Then what are we exactly building?". With this talk, we managed to reach more than 700 listeners. The recording is available here.

Metaderby - We talked about NFT, GameFi, and onboarding strategies for Web2 gamers.

Gamefi Degens 15 Roundtable w/ TS - We discussed all things related to Web3 gaming. We had a lively discussion on the importance of engaging gameplay, and we discussed other new games coming into the AVAX blockchain ecosystem. 300 listeners tuned in! The recording is available here.


We are very glad to have Metropius as our partner, a very well-known project in the Web3 gaming space. Looking forward to merging and sharing our communities.

Media coverage:

We've been featured in one of the leading tech media in EU articles – Sifted (owned by Financial Times). The story includes an in-depth report on gaming investments in 2022 so far. Article available here.

What’s Next on TimeShuffle:

Founders Pass rewards airdrop are the next thing coming in our schedule and we couldn't be more excited. In our next blog installment, we will summarize the results of the second Sneak Peek Tournament, held on August 18. 

Our Founders Pass is still open for public sale, with the first perk being a set of Founders Pass skins which will only be minted once and make for unique Heroes for the whole lifetime of the game.

All Founders Pass holders will have a forever in-game badge and can expect access to allow lists for future NFT drops, surprise items, in-game earnings multipliers, unique character skins, VIP utilities, and other in-game perks. Mint your Founders Pass here. In the meantime, we remain focused on building and improving the game, the next tournament will help us to smooth out bugs and listen to community feedback.

About TimeShuffle

TimeShuffle is a Free-to-Play-and-Earn Turn-Based Tactical RPG with heroes from across history battling together and against each other in procedurally generated battlefield arenas.

‍Each player can start his conquest with a Free-to-Play hero and progress his heroes as they play, unlocking the full potential of Blockchain gaming and our Play and Earn model made possible by Avalanche’s scalability and proven track record.

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Healing Stream
Throws a stream of music in a direction which deals damage to anyone on its path and heals the Hero for 50% of it.
Finishing Punch
Finishing punch that deals Art Damage which is doubled if the opponent Health is under 50%.
Healing Pain
Deals 20% of damage for own pain and heals an ally for the same amount of damage.
Push Them
Pushes any adjacent Opponent one hex back and deals Community damage.
Shared Health
Combines the Health of all adjacent units and evenly redistributes it among them (equalize health of all adjacent ally units) and heals each one for additional X health.
Sumons Vines under opponent's feet that keep it on its spot (can't move) and suck their Health and Energy.
Mind Control
Creates a mind connection with an opponent that deals Mind damage and gives a chance for mind control. Mind control switches the control of this hero for its next turn.