Comm Recap (July 2022, Week 2-4) - Founders Pass Skin Reward, Sneak Peek Tournament #2 and more

August 3, 2022

Hello, TimeShufflers! We moved to our next exciting stage, the Founders Skin airdrop. Early owners of the Founders Pass received a one-time-only, limited skin collection that will never be minted again. Along with the airdrop, our team focused on the next Sneak Peek Tournament, ongoing game development, community growth, and AMA sessions. Here are the highlights of what we achieved in the past three weeks.



TimeShuffle Community Meetup - More than 60 participants joined our TimeShuffle community meetup on Discord. We discussed the Sneak Peek Tournament, the team, game sustainability, the Founders Skin Airdrop, and more.

Spark World Fellow Partner - We held a community meetup with the Spark World social media followers. More than 50 participants joined a discussion of the game, tournaments, Founders Pass benefits, and more.

Eternity Fellow Partner - We hosted another community meetup with the EternityRPG. A total of 68 participants joined us and we discussed their own game progress, NFT features, and more. The recording is available here.

Gamefi Degens Talk EP 13 with ODB our Marketing Executive & Social Media Head. We discussed web3 gaming and its potential to go mainstream, NFT burning strategies, freemium x premium, tournaments, new skills, and much more. We got a room with 163 people talking about gamefi for 3 hours straight! How awesome is that? The recording is available here.

Metaderby Meetup - We hosted a community meetup with the Metaderby community on Twitter. There were 99 participants overall. We discussed team experience, mobile version, NFT features, and much more. The recording is available here.

NFT Marketplaces listing:

The Founders Skin collection was verified in Kalao, JoePegs and NFTrade. We appreciate all support and hard work of their teams to update our collections extremely fast.


After a couple of weeks of tireless work on our skins and tournament, we are back to our partnerships,  bringing together with some big projects such as Metaderby and Earn Guild. We truly believe that collaborating with different Web3 projects enables us to promote the Web3 movement as well as community building.

Media coverage:

Benzinga - Thought leadership piece by Konstantin Dinev (TimeShuffle CEO) was live on top media - Benzinga! Konstantin talked about the challenges of making a sustainable Web3 game, while avoiding the trap of early play-to-earn models. He outlined a path of moving from Web2 resources into blockchain-based ownership, while still offering a valuable, engaging game to onboard a wide audience of gamers.

Avalanche news:

Gamestar+, a game hub backed by Steve Harvey, picked Ava Labs in a multi-million dollar deal to host family game night on the blockchain. Strategic partnership confirmed between @gamestarplus and @avalabsofficial, with the intent to bring "Family Feud," "Jeopardy!," "Wheel of Fortune" and "Deal or No Deal" interactive versions on the blockchain.

What’s Next on TimeShuffle

After a successful sneak peek tournament on July 7, we completed the Founders Skin airdrop on July 18. The Founders Pass will have lifetime reward options for holders, so hurry up and mint a Founders Pass with limited availability. All holders will have a monthly rewards for life, in-game badge, and can expect access to allow lists for future NFT drops, surprise items, in-game earnings multipliers, unique characters skins, VIP utilities and other in-game perks. The Founder Pass registrations are open to the public.

In the meantime, we remain focused on building and improving the game, already planning the second tournament test in a series of limited gameplays to smooth out bugs and listen to community feedback.

About TimeShuffle

TimeShuffle is a Free-to-Play-and-Earn Turn-Based Tactical RPG with heroes from across history battling together and against each other in procedurally generated battlefield arenas.

‍Each player can start his conquest with a Free-to-Play hero and progress his heroes as they play, unlocking the full potential of Blockchain gaming and our Play and Earn model made possible by Avalanche’s scalability and proven track record.

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Healing Stream
Throws a stream of music in a direction which deals damage to anyone on its path and heals the Hero for 50% of it.
Finishing Punch
Finishing punch that deals Art Damage which is doubled if the opponent Health is under 50%.
Healing Pain
Deals 20% of damage for own pain and heals an ally for the same amount of damage.
Push Them
Pushes any adjacent Opponent one hex back and deals Community damage.
Shared Health
Combines the Health of all adjacent units and evenly redistributes it among them (equalize health of all adjacent ally units) and heals each one for additional X health.
Sumons Vines under opponent's feet that keep it on its spot (can't move) and suck their Health and Energy.
Mind Control
Creates a mind connection with an opponent that deals Mind damage and gives a chance for mind control. Mind control switches the control of this hero for its next turn.