TimeShuffle Hosts First Pre-Alpha Test Tournament (Session 1 Recap)

July 10, 2022

This July 7, TimeShuffle hosted its first tournament for the pre-alpha gameplay. Our dedicated team answered questions on Discord in real time, with the special help of Game Producer Polly and Adolfo, Head of Social Media. Together, we organized two pre-alpha tournaments to cover most time zones.

Players had the first chance to meet our Heroes and preview their attacks, defenses on the battlefield.


We were pleased to see the first positive reviews, while also having the chance to expose minor bugs. The first players enjoyed our creative graphics and the game’s stability under pressure. Overall, we are happy to receive feedback for building a fun and exciting game, with enough challenge for a contested competition from the start to the finish.

The first testing slot at 10 AM UTC gathered 88 players, which managed to battle it out for 40 minutes. The team discovered and fixed a bug with non-Roman characters in usernames, leaving the first testers to enjoy the remaining time. 

The other time slot completed was at 6 PM UTC, connecting 108 players and running more smoothly for about 50 minutes. Users had the chance to preview multiple attacks and weapons, assessing the damage, reach and potential best strategies. Players from the first tournament came back for more, and we are happy they showed appreciation for our gameplay.

The game also attracted favorable comments from the Avalanche community. We also had positive feedback from players that preferred an active game to idle mode. As a team, we also observed players quickly understood the game and started picking out a strategy to improve their ranking.

Best of all, we received feedback on how fun TimeShuffle feels for players. Since it’s our first goal to offer a fun game first, we count this as a success of our pre-alpha tournament. 

We also have the first winners, with rankings for their teams. The battle was intense until the end and many competed to gain the first place. Many congrats to our winners!

TimeShuffle will offer tournaments in the future. Follow us on social media for news of upcoming events and pre-launch tournaments. Owners of a Founders Pass will have early access to in-game features. Make sure to to secure your position as a Founders Pass holder!

About TimeShuffle

TimeShuffle is a Free-to-Play-and-Earn Turn-Based Tactical RPG with heroes from across history battling together and against each other in procedurally generated battlefield arenas.

Each player can start his conquest with a Free-to-Play hero and progress his heroes as they play, unlocking the full potential of Blockchain gaming and our Play and Earn model made possible by Avalanche’s scalability and proven track record.

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Healing Stream
Throws a stream of music in a direction which deals damage to anyone on its path and heals the Hero for 50% of it.
Finishing Punch
Finishing punch that deals Art Damage which is doubled if the opponent Health is under 50%.
Healing Pain
Deals 20% of damage for own pain and heals an ally for the same amount of damage.
Push Them
Pushes any adjacent Opponent one hex back and deals Community damage.
Shared Health
Combines the Health of all adjacent units and evenly redistributes it among them (equalize health of all adjacent ally units) and heals each one for additional X health.
Sumons Vines under opponent's feet that keep it on its spot (can't move) and suck their Health and Energy.
Mind Control
Creates a mind connection with an opponent that deals Mind damage and gives a chance for mind control. Mind control switches the control of this hero for its next turn.