Founded by a team with 15 years of game dev experience

TimeShuffleGame is a Play-and-Earn turn-based RPG game set in a multidimensional time-traveling universe where heroes from across history battle!

Future anticipated Questions

How can I buy a TimeShuffle Founders Pass NFT?


Always use this official link to buy a Founders Pass NFT:

Which blockchain is used for the Founders Pass NFT sale?


TimeShuffle Founders Pass NFTs will be sold (minted) on the Avalanche blockchain.

What is the TimeShuffle Founders Pass NFT price?


The price for the first 2,000 Founders Passes will be 6 AVAX. After the first 2,000 are sold, the price will go up to 8 AVAX. Always double check our official sales website:

Why should I buy the TimeShuffle Founders Pass NFT?


The TimeShuffle Founders Pass is an exclusive, limited-edition NFT meant for early supporters of the game, giving them exclusive perks, access to private game betas, an invite-only community club and tons of bragging rights! Once you acquire the Founders Pass, the future is in your hands, because TimeShuffle will NEVER mint any more Founders Pass after the limited supply of 5,500 is sold out.

When will I start receiving the TimeShuffle Founders Pass rewards?


The first rewards distribution for Founders Pass holders will take place on 18.07.2022. All monthly rewards will be tradable immediately.

Where can I read the TimeShuffle whitepaper?


The official TimeShuffle whitepaper can be accessed here: Official Link

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