Game Dev Recap (July 2022) - 7 new Skills, AI and more!

August 18, 2022

Hello, TimeShufflers! 

Welcome to another preview of TimeShuffle as it progresses in its pre-alpha stage. Our game team had a productive month, which would not be possible without our community of early game testers. 


We are back with an even more substantial game development preview, this time based on our experience with the first pre-alpha tournament.

Sneak Peek Tournament: What We Learned

We look back at the highly successful, first ever sneak peek for early game users. We brought together 150 participants in a short competition, while tracking the event live on Discord. The next sneak peek tournament will be on August 18. 

We thank our community and social media followers for the interest and participation in our pre-alpha tournaments. Each time we test the gameplay, we receive a lot of feedback and use it to improve and polish TimeShuffle.

Making the Game Fly: Efficiency Polishes and Small Fixes

We worked on improving game performance and making it more CPU-efficient. The team also fixed server crashes and created more safety nets. 

Since the sneak peek tournament, we closed a total of 50 various polish-related tasks, including: 

  • Redesigning the leaderboard;
  • Adding visualization for the range of splash-damage skills;
  • Added tooltips;
  • Addressed many bugs and quick polishes.

AI: Laying the Foundations for PvE Mode 

Our team worked on the in-game Artificial Intelligence. It will be used in an upcoming PvE campaign, and also as a training ground before joining tournaments with other players. The AI logic in TimeShuffle is based on weighted chances for each Skill to be selected and played. The evaluation of each character Skill is based on the potential damage/effect it could produce, as well as the available targets.

Hot New Skills Added

We also implemented 7 additional Skills. The balance of Skills is at the heart of TimeShuffle strategies and the best Hero usage in battle.


Skills will belong to specific Heroes depending on the Hero’s character type and Profession . 

Stay tuned on our Discord and social media for more updates and development milestones. 

About TimeShuffle

TimeShuffle is a Free-to-Play-and-Earn Turn-Based Tactical RPG with heroes from across history battling together and against each other in procedurally generated battlefield arenas.

‍ Each player can start his conquest with a Free-to-Play hero and progress his heroes as they play, unlocking the full potential of Blockchain gaming and our Play and Earn model made possible by Avalanche’s scalability and proven track record.

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Healing Stream
Throws a stream of music in a direction which deals damage to anyone on its path and heals the Hero for 50% of it.
Finishing Punch
Finishing punch that deals Art Damage which is doubled if the opponent Health is under 50%.
Healing Pain
Deals 20% of damage for own pain and heals an ally for the same amount of damage.
Push Them
Pushes any adjacent Opponent one hex back and deals Community damage.
Shared Health
Combines the Health of all adjacent units and evenly redistributes it among them (equalize health of all adjacent ally units) and heals each one for additional X health.
Sumons Vines under opponent's feet that keep it on its spot (can't move) and suck their Health and Energy.
Mind Control
Creates a mind connection with an opponent that deals Mind damage and gives a chance for mind control. Mind control switches the control of this hero for its next turn.