Game Update 2023

February 2, 2023

💫 We want to thank the whole Avalanche community for the support we've had over the past year in building this awesome game which is now live in the Alpha version.


💫 Even though the market hasn't been kind to anyone this past 1 year we are still giving it our all to try and push to a wider market and fulfill our goals and promises. It is very challenging for us to commit to our roadmap during 2023 because of the delay in our IDO, but after speaking to our advisors and backers we are convinced that holding off the IDO is in the best interest of everyone.


💫 In the meantime, we have to downsize our team in order to be able to keep the expenses lower and wait for the market to stabilize or change the trend, after that we will push our token life. We won't go anywhere, we'll be here working on it at the pace that our budget allows it for now, preparing to emerge stronger with a great game at hand to overtake the web3 gaming space and bring joy to all gamers and people in the ecosystem.


💥 ROADMAP for 2023

Q1 2023
☑️ TS Leaders characters collection (up to 5 new characters)
☑️ Monthly rewards in the form of secret chests for all Founders Pass holders
☑️ Special Tournament
☑️ Game polishing

Q2 2023
☑️ Additional fundraising
☑️ Working on the mobile version of the game
☑️ Golden skins integrations
☑️ Founders pass holders - in-game characters stats bonuses
☑️ Game polishing

Q3 2023
☑️ Token launch if the market allows it (Launchpads TBA)
☑️ Working on the mobile version of the game
☑️ Additional NFT sales and airdrops

Q4 2022
☑️ Beta version release
☑️ On-chain gameplay
☑️ Worldwide publishing (release the game on as many platforms as possible in different regions)
☑️ The official mobile version to be released on Android & iOS (apps)
☑️ Marketplace launch

🌟Token Launch (IDO): To be announced







Healing Stream
Throws a stream of music in a direction which deals damage to anyone on its path and heals the Hero for 50% of it.
Finishing Punch
Finishing punch that deals Art Damage which is doubled if the opponent Health is under 50%.
Healing Pain
Deals 20% of damage for own pain and heals an ally for the same amount of damage.
Push Them
Pushes any adjacent Opponent one hex back and deals Community damage.
Shared Health
Combines the Health of all adjacent units and evenly redistributes it among them (equalize health of all adjacent ally units) and heals each one for additional X health.
Sumons Vines under opponent's feet that keep it on its spot (can't move) and suck their Health and Energy.
Mind Control
Creates a mind connection with an opponent that deals Mind damage and gives a chance for mind control. Mind control switches the control of this hero for its next turn.